Now You See It

“Lynn’s gripping and feverish tale builds momentum page by page — right up to a surprise climax that confounds all expectations but seems obvious once it arrives.”  Kirkus (starred review)

“Hot Book Pick: an enthralling, chilling debut.”  Us Weekly

“What would happen if someone you love were to vanish, to steal away with nearly everything you take for granted? A tale about the mystery of appearances and disappearances, Allison Lynn’s unusual debut is taut, realistic, and haunting.”   Julia Glass

“Allison Lynn holds a mirror to a marriage and draws a haunting portrait of disaffection.”  Caitlin Macy

“Mesmerizing, haunting and deeply hypnotic — not just for what it makes you think about the characters, but for what if forces you to see in yourself.”  Brad Meltzer

Allison Lynn Now You See ItDavid and Jessica have almost everything they could want: he’s an accomplished journalist with a secure gig, she teaches at an elite private school, and together they travel in a circle of alluring friends. Theirs is an enviable life — until one night when David returns from a business trip. Jessica’s wallet and keys are in their usual place, but she is gone. As months pass with no clue to her whereabouts, David’s certainty that “she is going to walk in that door tonight” slowly diminishes.

At the heart of this unnerving story is David’s search for his wife — which takes him far from his Manhattan neighborhood and deep inside himself.

At once heartbreaking and wry, Now You See It is a remarkable debut novel about the impossibility of fully knowing someone — and what happens to the past when we have a second chance at the future. 

(published by Touchstone/Simon & Schuster)