Things I Like

(This list is amended at whim: maybe hourly, possibly annually.)

1. While spending time in Berlin, I fell hard for an English-language bookstore (owned by Czechs) where they boil/bake their own bagels. Here’s their back room:

shakespeare and sons berlin

2. If I could live in any museum, it’d be the Dia:Beacon
3. If you ask me what to read these days, I’ll probably send you toward Percival Everett or Lydia Millet.
4. I’ve been known make the students in my fiction workshop read Sven Birkerts’s Reading in a Digital Age


5. Here’s my Sharpie-inscribed copy of David Mitchell’s
Black Swan Green:

6. See the pic on this site’s “Contact” page? That’s my bamboo keyboard. 
7. Here I am standing in front of Mont Blanc’s peak. I’m smiling because they serve coffee up there:
.Allison Lynn author, writer
8. If you’re interested in what it’s like to write long-form fiction, don’t miss Alexander Chee’s 100 Things About a Novel.
9. When it comes to on-screen pairings, my vote will always go to Jack and Sissy (Missing, 1982):
allison lynn writer
10. That smell coming from my kitchen? It’s’s emergency kimchi.
.11. As for my Trader Joe’s addiction, I’m working on it.
.12. And finally: I wrote much of my most recent manuscript in Paris’s Bibliotheque Mazarine, whose reading room is one of my very favorite places in this whole crazy world.